More talk about CBC bus plan

By Craig Westcott
October 13, 2023 Edition

For the second public meeting in a row, councillors in Conception Bay South heard talk last week about developing a “community transit plan,” which is bureaucratic language for a bus service.

“We know that there is a need for public transportation and a public transit system in our town, and we appreciate all the feedback that we do get from our residents,” said councillor-at-large Paul Connors, who chairs council’s economic development committee. “As a council we are exploring and evaluating various options that will meet our needs and be a cost-effective, viable solution.”

Connors noted the Town recently received funding from government to complete what he called a transit implementation plan.

“This plan will recommend actions to address the delivery of a transit system,” he said. “That is combined with options we are already exploring. It will hopefully identify a path forward or give us some options to look at to provide a plan.”

Connors said council is hoping to have the report in hand by the end of this year.

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