Paradise’s new lift station to see the light

By Mark Squibb
September 15, 2023

If you happen to live near a couple of Paradise’s two main sewerage plants, you won’t get caught in the dark if the lights go out this winter.

Council this week approved the purchase of three new diesel fuel tanks to supply fuel to emergency diesel generators housed at the facilities.

Councillor Deborah Quilty explained the Town issued a request for quotes (RFQ) for the supply and installation three replacement diesel fuel tanks, one at the wastewater treatment plant and two at Lift Station No. 10, currently under construction.

Quilty said the existing tanks are at their expiry date and must be replaced.

A limited call for quotes was issued to three companies – Ultramar/Parkland Fuel Corporation, North Atlantic, and Harvey’s Oil – but Ultramar was the only company to submit a bid.

That bid came in at $13,961, HST included.

Quilty noted the replacement costs are accounted for in Budget 2023 and the costs are within budget.

Councillor Larry Vaters said he had asked staff to clarity if the two replacement tanks earmarked for Lift Station No. 10 are for the existing lift station and, furthermore, would they be utilized in the new lift station once it becomes operational. He said staff advised him the generator and fuel tanks will service the new lift station until it reaches the end of its useful life or is otherwise taken out of service.

The motion to buy the tanks passed unanimously.

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