Paradise moves to scratch more streets off its W&S priority list

By Mark Squibb / September 8, 2023

Paradise council approved a bevy of motions during this week’s public meeting that will see more residents hooked into the Town’s water and sewer system and more streets crossed off its priority list for water and sewer.

First, council agreed to a federal funding deal that will flow money for water and sewer installation along Windmill Road and Bayview Heights.

Councillor Elizabeth Laurie explained that council passed a motion at the April 4 public council meeting to submit applications under the Investing in Canada Infrastructure Funding (ICIP) Plan in the amount of $1.9 million to fund the work on both Windmill Road and Bayview Heights, as well as make culvert improvements along Neary Road.

“So, that funding has been approved and of course requires a motion of council to enter into a funding agreement,” said Laurie. “This is cost-shared funding, so the Town is responsible for 30 percent of the total funding amount.”

That amounts to $527,506, and council voted unanimously to approve all three projects.

Deputy Mayor Kimberley Street declared a potential conflict of interest regarding the Windmill Road upgrades as a family member lives on the road.

Work along Windmill Road, Bayview Heights, and Neary Road is valued at $875,000, $609,000, and $455,000 respectively.

“It’s great to see that these projects are being funded,” said councillor Larry Vaters. “I certainly look forward to a day when we can say that all streets on our water and sewer priority list are completed. Certainly, getting all remaining streets completed in a timely manner is imperative, but of course requires a balanced approach, as with all projects in the town.”

Councillor Glen Carew agreed the Towns portion was a “good spend,” and was glad Paradise is able to enter into funding agreements to undertake such projects.

Later in the meeting, council voted unanimously to submit a Multi-Year Capital Works (MYCW) application to the provincial government requesting funds for water and sewer services at both Carberry Road and Drover Road at a cost of roughly $1 million each, as well as $3 million in funds for Lift Station No. 10 upgrades.

Councillor Deborah Quilty explained the Town had been approved for $4.79 million in 2023-2026 MYCW funding, and is required to submit a list of projects so that an agreement can be finalized. The projects are cost shared with the government at a 70-30 ratio, meaning Paradise will have to borrow $1.7 million for its share.

Finally, council ratified an e-mail vote conducted on August 21 to award the tender for the Stephen’s Road water and sewer project to the lowest compliant bidder, Precision Excavation Ltd., in the amount of $778,225. The e-mail vote was unanimous.

Councillor Patrick Martin said he was glad to see the Town nearing the end of the priority list as many residents have been waiting a long time for services.

Councillor Deborah Quilty, who served on council when the priority list was first drafted many moons ago, agreed.

“It’s delightful to see all this funding coming our way,” said Quilty. “Some 27 years ago we drew up our famous water and sewer list at the Traveller’s Inn, at a breakfast meal, and it’s so nice to look at the list now, and we’re all the way down almost to the very end, which is absolutely amazing.”

Following completion of work on Stephens Road and Neary Road, the eight streets remaining on the priority list, in order of priority, are Carberry Place, Drovers Road, Dakota Place, Topsail Pond Road to Topsail Pond River, Harcourt Road, and Gosse’s Road.

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