Holyrood weighing permanent versus temporary speedbumps

By Mark Squibb / September 8, 2023

How do you get over a fear of speed bumps?


That was the joke councillor Laura Crawley opened with during the August 22nd public council meeting, and speedbumps were to come up again later in the meeting.

Councillor Steve Windsor told council that speed bumps were a topic of conversation at the most recent public works committee meeting.

“Around town we have a number of these temporary speedbumps,” said Windsor. “And they do cost money, almost a thousand dollars each, and you have to take them up and put them down. One thing the committee talked about was investigating permanent speedbumps.”

Windsor said he’s seen permanent speedbumps in neighbouring Conception Bay South, and the committee will be looking into how much they cost and how they affect snow clearing. “It’s something that the committee will continue to investigate and maybe we’ll come back around to this in the future,” said Windsor. “Because speeding is a problem. And we can’t have speed bumps everywhere, but we do have a few areas of high concern from a public safety perspective.”

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