CBS councillor concerned about curbside recycling stats

By Alexandra Brothers, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter / August 18, 2023 Edition

Councillor Melissa Hardy voiced her concerns about the amount of curbside recycling that the Town of CBS has collected this year at a public council meeting Tuesday.

After receiving the second quarter waste statistics, the engineering and public works committee chairperson noticed there has not been an increase in the Town’s curbside recycling, nor has there been a decrease in the regular household garbage collected compared to the same period last year.

Hardy said this statistic concerns her because expenses are increasing per tonnage of waste. This is “certainly something council’s going to be looking at come our 2024 budget discussions,” said Hardy. Council will have to review its waste collection services to determine the best course of action moving forward, she said.

Hardy encouraged residents to recycle as much as possible, noting that every kind of recycling including paper, plastics, and metals will make a positive impact.

“Besides helping the environment, it also helps the bottom line for residents as a whole in the town.” She said.

That’s because items marked for recycling are charged a lower tipping fee based on weight at the Robin Hood Bay Landfill.

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