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Senior grateful for Town sponsored outings

On Monday, Sept 25, I joined the seniors bus outing guided tour of the Wooden Boat Museum in Winterton and lunch at the Blue Whale Lounge in Dildo sponsored by the Town of CBS.

It was a beautiful lunch and when I arrived at the museum, I was stepping back in time to when I grew up in Lushes Bight. Everything there was very familiar, including all the fishing gear that we used to feed our families. What surprised me was the number of women on that trip. On the bus I was on, there were three men, and all the rest were women. To say I was in my glee would be an understatement.

Then I realized that there are so many seniors lonely, living by themselves, with nothing to do and that these trips were an outing to see new places, a chance to socialize, and make some friends. I believe I made many and in this case a chance for some of us to relive our childhoods.

I have not been in this town very long – six or seven years – but one thing I have learnt is that this town does its best to look after the seniors, the people who built this province and I believe I have everyone’s permission to say thanks to Town of CBS for your caring and kindness.

Wilfred Bartlett

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