Bay Roberts hoping Province will help with cost of fire equipment

By Mark Squibb

The Town of Bay Roberts is hoping the provincial government will help cover the cost of some new firefighting equipment.
Council earlier this month approved two applications written by Director of Protective Services Justin Parsons. One application is for a new four-door pumper truck. The second is for a replacement high pressure airbag kit.
Mayor Walter Yetman noted that the applications were straightforward, although there are certain requirements that vehicles need to adhere to.
Councillor Dean Franey, himself a member of the volunteer fire department, noted that the vehicle and an apparatus in question were nearing their expiration date and needed to be replaced.
The Town is seeking total funding for the airbag kit and is hoping to split the cost of the pumper truck.
Deputy Mayor Geoff Seymour noted that even if the cost of the truck is split 70/30 with the provincial government, the Town will still likely be on the hook for a sizeable amount of money.
“There’s an election cycle coming, so it’s a good time to apply,” quipped Seymour.
Council unanimously approved the applications.

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