Holyrood council says its hands are tied at roundabout

By Craig Westcott

Holyrood’s public safety committee chairman says he understands people’s concerns about the state of sidewalks around the town’s roundabout, but there is nothing council can do about it.

“Those are the responsibility of (the provincial Department of) Transportation and Public Works,” said Bruce King. “And they are not the responsibility of the Town.”

Mayor Gary Goobie reinforced that message.

“We have been reminded on a couple of occasions by the Department of Transportation, ‘Do not intervene in doing this work,'” Goobie said. “If we do that and something were to happen, then the Town could be held liable. They’ve made it unequivocally clear, do not do their work. So, our hands are tied. As much as we would like to do these things to help – even now with potholes and everything – but our hands are tied.”

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