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CBS says yea to chicken coop, nay to too many sheds

By Mark Squibb

CBS council approved another hobby farm this week, the first one in a while after a spate of such applications two years ago.

Council is allowing a maximum of four chickens at the Peachytown Road hobby farm on condition the property owner register the operation with the Provincial Farm Premises registry.

“Although we had a few concerns, with proper management of those animals by the homeowner there should be no major impact on the neighbourhood,” said development committee chairman and Ward 3 councillor Gerard Tilley.

Council also approved an application for a home office at a Chatwood Crescent residence and allowed use of the accessory building for equipment maintenance.

The application wasn’t discussed at length during the public meeting, but according to committee meeting minutes, the business is a paving business. During construction season, the business equipment is stored at a lot in Mount Pearl, and at a construction yard in St. Mary’s Bay during the winter months.

The office is needed to accommodate administrative work.

Business vehicles will occasionally be brought to the property for cleaning and routine maintenance such as oil changes.

Council also approved a new home on Lawrence Pond Road with a variance to reduce the minimum building line setback to 10.8m, and a home on Red Bridge Road, subject to Service NL approval of the proposed private on-site well and septic systems.

Council did, however, deny an application from a resident seeking approval for five existing accessory buildings with 42.66m2 of cumulative lot coverage at an Indian Pond Drive address, as the total lot coverage already exceeds the lot coverage of the dwelling on the property. Council voted unanimously to initiate a non-compliance order seeking the removal of all accessory buildings that were constructed without a permit.

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