Out with the old – but not before a tune up

By Mark Squibb/October 14, 2022

The Town of Holyrood is looking to purchase a new pump for the main beach lift station, but first it will update the old, soon-to-be-replaced pump.

“It is extremely important both from a health and environmental perspective that we keep that lift station working on a continuous basis,” said councillor Sadie King during last week’s meeting. “Because we cannot control what might happen to the pump system at any given time, it is extremely necessary to have a backup pump readily available, should we experience issues. Therefore, while we will still be installing a new pump, it is equally important we upgrade the pump that we are taking out to be a back up just in case of a pump failure down the road.”

King said rebuilding the pump will be a cost effective, preventative measure that her committee feels will save time and money. She moved that the Town submit an application to the Gas Tax Authority in the amount of $9,757 to complete upgrades to the existing pump.

“Upgrading this pump will allow the town to have some security in case of a breakdown to the new pump which is being installed,” said King. “The old pump requires repair and upgrades and can be ready should the Town find itself in an emergency situation at the lift station.”

Councillor Laura Crawley applauded the idea and asked when the new pump will be installed.

No one at the table had that answer at hand, though Mayor Gary Goobie did add his support to King’s idea.

“In that area, the lift station has caused some problems from time to time over the last several years,” said Goobie, noting mechanical problems have ben experienced during heavy rainfalls. “The biggest part of this is that if you have to wait for another part to come in you could be waiting weeks, where you’re trying to do your best to make the system work and you’re diverting water out into the harbour, but with the spare part, the Director of Public Works said they could have it installed within hours, so there shouldn’t be a disruption for too long.”

Some folks may remember the main beach lift station experienced pump issues back in June after a mop head ended up in the system.

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