Hardy raises a ‘sensor-ative’ issue in Kelligrews

By Craig Westcott/September 30, 2022

Ward 4 councillor Melissa Hardy says Town staff are working on a problem with the traffic lights at the intersection of Legion Road, Gully Pond Road and Route 60 in Kelligrews.

The CBS councillor said the issue was brought to her attention by residents in the area.

“Some of the residents were finding that when they would get up to the sensor, the lights weren’t turning to the applicable red, green, what have you, so some residents were actually getting out of their vehicles and walking to the vehicle in front of them and knocking on their window and saying, ‘Can you move up a little closer to the sensor?'” Hardy said. “So, the Town reached out to the Provincial government, because that (set of lights) is something that they maintain.”

Hardy said she understands the frustration of drivers who get stuck at the lights while they wait to turn onto the main road. But she advised against getting out of your car at the intersection and approaching other vehicles.

“Hopefully everyone can start to move a little bit closer (to the sensor),” she added. “I know hockey season is in full effect so both of the stadiums (on Legion Road) are certainly busy, as are the Tim Hortons (restaurants).”

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