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Search and rescue team discovers trash, and lots of it

By Craig Westcott/June 17, 2022

The Central Avalon Ground Search and Rescue Team came to the aid of Holyrood’s environment recently when its members “rescued” multiple large loads of trash from the old railbed running through the community.
“They filled a dumpster and even had an overflow,” said Mayor Gary Goobie. “I saw lots of bags down at the festival grounds. Mabel Tilley, one of the coordinators, said they collected about 30 tires, three truck loads of metal, including old washers and stoves, and even a deep freeze. Now just imagine what we can see on the railbed.”
Goobie said the volunteers did an amazing job and the Town extends a huge thank you to them for their dedication and tireless efforts.
“Be assured, we appreciate the work that they do,” added the mayor. “They are certainly a big part of our community. They’re involved in so many activities that go on and support the town in so many ways.”

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