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Chamberlains tire shredding plant gets green light

By Craig Westcott/June 17, 2022

Fewer old tires may end up leaving the province for incineration in Quebec now that a company has been given the go-ahead to set up a tire shredding plant on Barley Street in Chamberlains. 

CBS council approved an application on Tuesday from a subsidiary of Nova Scotia-based Dexter Construction to open the plant in the industrial park located on the top of Fowlers Road.

The chairman of council’s planning and development committee, councillor-at-large Rex Hillier, said the project is an initiative of the Province through the Multi-Materials Stewardship Board.

“Tires are normally now shipped out of the province and burnt in Quebec for energy,” Hillier noted. “In our case they will be shredded into various sizes of aggregate similar to the various sizes of crushed stone. And then that product will be used in the construction industry.”

The plant is expected to employ some eight to 10 people year-round, processing thousands of tires a day.

“I believe we had one set of residents concerned about what was going on there, they were concerned about (the potential for) smell and noise,” Hillier said. “We talked to the company, and everything is going to be (done) inside, so they’re saying there will be no fumes… and noise, they are telling us, will not go outside of their property. So really, there’s no impact on neighbouring residents. So, we’re looking forward to having this set up.”

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