Plan for Salmonier Line Park to be made public soon

By Mark Squibb/Sepember 2, 2021

Holyrood town council is hoping to release conceptual plans for Salmonier Line Park shortly.

Earlier this spring, the Town hired Mills and Wright Landscape Architecture to consult with residents and develop a plan for the park.

Residents could complete a survey online or in person at the town hall. A virtual open house session was also held in June.

Councillor and chairperson of the Recreation and Community Events committee, Kim Ghaney, said the plan has been drafted and will be reviewed by the events committee at its next meeting, scheduled for August 31. She said the plan will be released to the public shortly thereafter.

“The Town will take a phased approach to improve on and introduce new amenities, based on the survey completed by residents that indicated their priorities,” said Ghaney. “We want to make sure that when we look at that park plan that we take all of these considerations to the forefront and that we take the input that we collected from our survey from our residents in how they want to see that area developed, so that’s going to be a piece of work that we’re going to be looking at this fall.”

She said the town hopes to introduce recreational opportunities “for people of all ages, from tots, right on up to our seniors.”

Mayor Kevin Costello said he thought that park plan will be a very useful document to have on hand, and will help council better plan recreational infrastructure and programming.

“It’s kind of just been that when someone brought up an idea, we would consider it, but now it will be a well thought out plan, and when we want to implement certain portions of it, we can,” said Costello. “We hopefully should know, for instance, where our splash pad will be ideally located, or where a multi-use court would be ideally located, so if the council of the day decides they want to take on one of these initiatives a lot of the front-end work should already be done.”

Councillor Ghaney said it would be remiss to not thank those who completed the survey.

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