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Paradise to re-try T’Railway fund

By Mark Squibb | Sept. 3, 2020

ATV users in the Town of Paradise have been heard.

That was the message iterated during the September 1 public council meeting, when council voted to resubmit a funding application for T’railway upgrades which would leave room for the trail to remain a mixed use, as opposed to non-motorised pathway.

Back in November of 2019, the Town announced it would be looking for feedback from the public regarding the T’railway. It had a funding application before the Trans Canada Trail Foundation in the amount of $161,000 hinged on the Town designating the six kilometres of track as non-motorized (meaning that ATV and snowmobile users would not be permitted to use the trail.)

The Town hired Tract Consulting, at a cost of $6,871, HST included, to engage the public through online surveys and a public consultation session held in March, and prepare a final report on the matter.

Following receipt of that final report, council has decided to resubmit a funding application, so that the funding would not be dependent on the trail being non-motorized.

“ATV users use the trail, and are a part of the Town of Paradise, and therefore their needs should be considered,” said councillor Patrick Martin. “I’m glad that we’re trying to be inclusive and look after everybody.”

Martin added the town remains hopeful the upgrades can begin this season.

“I just want to re-echo the comments that councillor Martin has made. We certainly had a great turnout over there at the community centre when we had everybody in for this particular issue,” said councillor Deborah Quilty. “I’m sure everybody will be delighted, and we move forward now that we have the report, adopted here tonight.”

The Town has budgeted approximately $600,000 for the upgrades.

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