Letters to the Editor

Time for inept leaders to solve problems at home

December 1, 2023 Edition

A couple of month’s ago my wife and I approached this provincial government seeking some meager help as it relates to these skyrocketing, outrageous, out of control, gouging rental properties. When you are on a very fixed income and rent takes 30 per cent of that income, this hits home hard and becomes very frustrating and demoralizing. What I received back from this government was nothing but statistics and mere platitudes. Not good enough.

Allow me some context here. When I look to the federal government in Ottawa and see this privileged inept leader spending this nation into oblivion, it scares me and frustrates me. When I see this same leader forever travelling around the world with a blank cheque, again, it scares me and agitates me. The people of this country including myself, are fed-up with this listless leadership, a leadership trying to save the world but to the detriment of our own people. There is no western democracy that can save these war-torn countries.

Closer to home, more of the same. When some filthy rich CEO at YYT opens up their mouth for an announcement, this provincial government is off running to the airport for a photo-op and with cheque book in hand. When the CEO of Kruger comes begging, again, this government scurries to them with financial help. As is always the case, the wealthy become wealthier. When I see a provincial Minister greeting new immigrants at the airport, that’s fine. When I see those same Immigrants housed up in hotels for close to a year on the taxpayers’ dime, I see that as a less than desirable level playing field.

As I alluded to, governments can either exercise futility in saving these religious ravaged world wars or look inwardly and internally and to address and solve some of our own chronic, crippling problems. With the cost of living in this province, which far exceeds that of any other jurisdiction, and the overwhelming fear of the unknown, this government needs to come clean and address its people and our underlying chronic issues. As polls out there suggest, the people of this country have lost faith in these corrupt political institutions, and for good reason. In essence, at the end of the day all we ask for, my wife and I, is justice for all, equality for all, and, again, a level playing field.

Thank you,
Jeremiah Perry

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