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Memory of generous Conception Harbour man inspires fundraisers for school, sports clubs

By Mark Squibb
October 27, 2023 Edition

The family of the late Brady Lewis presented a cheque in the amount of $7,238 to Roncalli Central High School Athletics Director Jeremy Vokey in Lewis’ memory last Thursday morning.

The funds were raised through the third annual Brady Lewis Memorial Softball Tournament held this August. Since Brady’s passing in November of 2020, the Lewis family has raised over $26,000 in Brady’s honour through softball tournaments and other fundraisers, some $13,500 of which has been earmarked for Roncalli, where Brady attended high school.

Of the funds the family raises for Roncalli, $2,000 is set aside for the Brady Lewis Memorial Scholarship, which is awarded to both a female and a male student who play softball and intend to pursue a career in the trades.

“The rest of the money goes to the Roncalli athletics program to buy whatever they need, jerseys or equipment or softballs or whatever,” said Brady’s grandmother Kay Lewis. “He loved softball, and he loved hockey, and so we wanted the money to come here to help other kids.”

The school is very appreciative of the financial help.

“This funding enhances programs and allows us to buy new equipment and different equipment, so we have different equipment that is accessible for all different types of sports and athletes,” said Vokey, who added the funds have also been used to buy new jerseys.

The first year following Brady’s passing, the family raised over $13,000 for his former softball team, which used the money to buy new gear and equipment.

Brady, was just 25 when he was tragically killed in an accident. He was a proud member of Ironworkers Local 764 and an accomplished athlete.

“Brady is remembered for his big smile,” said Kay. “He was a good boy. I think he got into one racket at school, but that was it,” she added, laughing. “At least that was the only one I knew about. He was a very nice young man, and everybody loved him.”

Kay said she could always count on Brady to give her a hand when needed.

“If I said, ‘Brady come down for a half-an-hour, I got a job for you to do,’ he would be right there,” said Kay. “The last thing he did for me before he passed away was put my winter tires into the trunk of my car for me.”

Plans are already in the works for next year’s softball tournament.

Members of the Lewis family presented a cheque to Roncalli Central High School Athletics Director Jeremy Vokey last week in memory of former student Brady Lewis. Since Brady’s passing, members of the family have raised funds in his memory. From left are Grandmother Kay Lewis, Vokey, Brady’s brother Patrick Costigan, his sister Kelsey McGrath, and his mom Tara Lewis. Mark Squibb photo

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