Carbonear residents feeling “under pressure”

By Chad Feehan
Local Journalism Initiative Reporter
October 20, 2023 Edition

Carbonear’s on again, off again water problems got a bit of airing at council last week.

Deputy Mayor Sam Slade mentioned the diminished water pressure on Chapel Hill and Bunkers Hill, and the potential for the top area of both hills to lose water pressure completely over the winter.
“It’s become of a bit of a concern for residents,” Slade said.
He asked Director of Operations and Public Works Ian Farrell about the possibility of a Gladstone Road water connection improving the situation.
Farrell said pressure issues are due to the presence of air in some pipes in the area and hopes the contractor who will be working on the pipes will “cut and cap” the old line and make a connection from the recently finished Adelaide Street project, remedying the problem.
“I’m hoping that’s going to resolve the issues we’re having with pressure up on the hills,” Farrell said.

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