Paradise buys new food warmer for Double Ice canteen

By Mark Squibb
October 20, 2023 Edition

Patrons of the Double Ice Complex will be glad to hear the Town has agreed to the purchase of a new food warmer for the canteen.

Councillor Deborah Quilty, during a public meeting held on October 3, noted that a food warmer was included in the list of equipment that would be provided to the tenant in the rental agreement, and that the old food warmer at the canteen had failed and replacement parts were no longer available.

The Town requested quotes, and three vendors applied for the contract. Quilty motioned, at the behest of the infrastructure committee, that council award the sale to lowest qualified bidder Big Eric’s Inc., which provided a quote of $11,770 HST included, subject to a final review by staff for bid compliance.

The motion passed unanimously.

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