ATVers make for not so happy trails at Adam’s Pond

By Mark Squibb / August 25, 2023

Paradise councillor Glen Carew is asking the Town to look for a way to limit ATV access to the Town’s non-motorised trails.

“I had a call from a resident down around Adam’s Pond and Lanark Drive, and in the last week or so there have been some delinquent ATV and dirt bike use down here around the pond that has created some damage around the pond,” said Carew during last week’s public meeting.

The councillor added that it seemed to be mostly ATV usage that had caused the damage.

“So, I’m wondering if there’s a possibility that we can have, not a gate, but somehow limit the use of ATVS, and snowmobiles in the winter, to access the town’s pond trail,” he asked. “Is there no way that we can try and reduce (ATV traffic), while still making sure the trail is inclusive, and folks with bicycles or strollers or wheelchairs can still access it? Is there a way to restrict access to the actual pond trail, with some form of a gate, or a rock set up?”

Carew noted the T‘railway that runs alongside the Town Hall is multi-purpose, and that ATV users are free to ride the T’railway, so long as they do so safely.

Mayor Dan Bobbett said it’s the first time he has heard of Adam’s Pond trail “being infiltrated by illegal ATV use,” and the matter would be brought to committee for discussion.

Bobbett noted the infrastructure committee would be responsible for recommending any further installations, while the policing would fall to the public works department.

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