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More street crossings for Paradise trails

By Mark Squibb/August 12, 2022

Last May, Paradise council voted unanimously to install a number of chicanes (serpentine curves along a road or walkway) and signs encouraging motorists to slow down on the T’railway — especially in the Topsail Pond area, where the trail crosses several driveways and streets.

Now, they’ll be adding another street crossing to the list of crossings that need the trail calming upgrades.

Councillor Larry Vaters, during last week’s public council meeting, reminded his colleagues that the tender for the work was awarded to the Grand Concourse Authority during the May 3 meeting at a cost of $48,976.

“The installation portion of that work was started the week of July 25, 2022, and recently trail users and residents of both CBS and Paradise brought their safety concerns about the T’railway crossing at Ortega Drive,” explained Vaters.

He said staff recommend that similar trail calming measures, the chicane and the signage, be added to this crosswalk as well.

The Grand Concourse Authority, using the same unit prices as when estimating the previous work, estimated an additional price of $11,014 for the additional features.

Council voted unanimously to approve the change order.

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