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CBS moves ahead with new W&S tender

Town also tenders upgrades to main line

By Mark Squibb/May 26, 2022

It’s been a long time coming, but the Town of Conception Bay South has tendered the next phase of its ongoing water and sewer project, this leg known as Phase 48.

“It’s good to get back to water and sewer projects in our community,” said Mayor Darrin Bent. “There are people in our community who want it and need it, and it’s good to be able to do it. And hopefully the tenders come in low enough that we can do as much as we can.”

Public Works chairman Gerard Tilley shared that sentiment. “We are hoping,” agreed Tilley. “But I guess the trend that we are seeing across the board is that there are some substantial increases (in costs). But we can always hope.”

CBS approved Phase 47 of its ongoing water and sewer work back in 2017. Phase 47 saw installation to unserviced parts of Seal Cove, where crews ran into some rough cutting through heavy rock at some points.

There are 82 streets left on the Town’s water and sewer Priority list, with Mission Road ranking number one.

The Town also voted last week to tender upgrades to its main water line, which has experienced several large breaks over the past few years.

“And the public is aware, we had a study done, last year I believe it was, on our main transmission water line, and of course we’ve identified some areas that need some upgrading,” said Tilley.

Council also approved the Public Works committee’s recommendation to buy digital radar feedback signs.

“As we’ve mentioned several meetings ago, we are committed to traffic calming measures in our school zones,” said Tilley.

The signs will be purchased from Construction Signs Ltd. at a cost of $21,180, HST included.

“Signs will be installed as part of the School Zone Project, scheduled to begin in September,” said Tilley.

Seeing as it was National Public Works Week, as proclaimed earlier in the meeting, Tilley also took a moment to recognise the Town’s public works staff.

“For the benefit of people who are not aware, public works staff are very heavily involved in the operations of the town, and I’m just going to name a few: snow clearing, garbage collection, line painting, water and sewer, and those are just a few of the projects that our public works staff do,” said Tilley. “During the summer they’re working seven days a week and during the winter it’s a 7-day, 24-hour function.”

Tilley said during the pandemic, workers had to wear masks throughout the entirety of an eight-to-twelve-hour shift, and he thought they may still be wearing them on the jobsite.

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