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Paradise going all Daytona with Trailway safety measures

By Mark Squibb/May 12, 2022

Unless you happen to be a race car enthusiast or engineer, you’re about to learn a new word.

A chicane is a serpentine curve in a road added to slow traffic — and the Town of Paradise is looking to install some along the T’railway.

“The project includes fabrication and installation of a series of chicanes and added signage placed along sections of the T’railway in the Topsail Pond area where the trail crosses several driveways and streets,” explained Infrastructure and Engineering Committee chairperson Deborah Quilty during last week’s meeting. “This section of the trail experiences high speeds from ATVs and dirt bikes, and the chicanes will be strategically placed to calm motorized vehicles on the trails as they approach the street crossings.”

The Grand Concourse Authority estimated the work will cost $48,970, and council unanimously voted to approve the Grand Concourse Authority to do the work.

Councillor Patrick Martin voiced his approval of the project, saying that he had met with residents last year who had raised concerns and had seen firsthand the danger caused by speeding motorists.

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