Carbonear lays out yard sale rules

By Mark Squibb/April 14, 2022

With the longer days and occasional hints of blue sky, it’s getting easier to believe that summer is somewhere around the corner.

And summer means yard sales.

If you’re planning on having a yard sale or two of your own in Carbonear this summer, they are permitted by council — within reason.

Councillor Danielle Doyle said last week the topic came up during an economic development, planning and land use planning committee meeting following the receipt of a letter from a resident.

“Yard sales and garage sales are permitted on a weekend, but they’re not permitted both days every weekend, all summer,” said Doyle. “That’s not the intended purpose of having a yard sale. There’s no policy in place right now, but there could be a policy coming if there are complaints or violations of the yard sale.”

She summarized by saying folks can hold yard sales once a month or so, but are not supposed to set up a full time shop in their backyard.

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