Transportation plan looks for another link to Paradise

By Mark Squibb/March 17, 2022

The Town of Paradise has approved a final version of the plan that will guide its road development decisions over the coming years.

The Town had hired Harbourside Transportation Consultants to complete a review of transportation planning priorities and to consolidate recommendations from four studies which had been completed since 2011.

Each recommendation was classified as either a short term (0-5 years), medium (5-10 years) or long-term (10 plus years) goal.

“These recommendations were based on traffic patterns and anticipated volumes, and did not take into account the current condition of the existing streets, which may require replacement due to reaching end of life before the recommended upgrade timeline,” explained councilor Deborah Quilty. “Some of the transportation improvements that have been recommended in this and previous studies have already been implemented by the town.”

The summary of the report was presented to council in May, 2021, while the report was still in draft form. Council recommended changes to the draft, which have been reflected in the final version.

The document will be used by council when making decisions on future roadwork planning.

“Adopting the plan would form the basis for future transportation planning, and connections to the town such as Mallow Drive to Paradise Road, McNamara Drive to Kenmount Road, as well as new connections form the Outer Ring Road and Route 2,” said councilor Larry Vaters. “Now, while the recommendations in the report won’t happen overnight, and will require significant investment, we now have an updated plan that can guide future transportation planning in the town, and I think that’s a step in the right direction.”

Mayor Dan Bobbett noted it’s the second or third time the plan has been updated, while Deputy Mayor Kim Street allowed it is a very detailed document, and that transportation planning is essential in shaping communities, before asking if the document will be posted for the public.

Quilty said once the document is approved it will be published on the town’s website.

Councillor Glen Carew said the plan is very comprehensive and will address ingress and egress issues in the town.

“This is a great document for residents to get a better understanding of where we are, but even more importantly, where we can and should be going,” said Carew.

The conversation looped back to Quilty, who said the plan will help lay the groundwork for requesting government funding.

“As we all know, when we went out campaigning in the last election, transportation and traffic was probably the number one issue on the table, and I think it’s important that we keep that document up and alive, and I will be referring back to it again and again,” said Quilty. “It’s very important that we look toward the long-term goals and have another road in and out of Paradise so we can have better access for all the residents of Paradise.”

Mayor Bobbett pointed out several recommendations have large dollar values attached to them.

“So, we will definitely need partnerships with the provincial and federal government,” he said.

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