Holyrood says ‘nay’ to recreation business

By Mark Squibb/March 3, 2022

Holyrood council has voted against a proposal for a new event venue/chalet/ recreational vehicle rental business, but says it’s the location, not the business, that just doesn’t work.

“It’s a great concept,” said Deputy Mayor Michele Woodford during last week’s public meeting. “The event venue would definitely be a great fit for Holyrood. The problem is access to the piece of property at the proposed development site. Of course, Brien’s Road is a residential road, almost a one-way road, and some work needs to be done on the property. And the other access to the property for this proposed development would be through Marina Shores, across the trailway as well. And of course Marina Shores is a residential neighborhood, kids are playing out around their houses, there’s playgrounds there, there’s daycares there, and to have that traffic volume go through a residential neighborhood would be a safety risk.”

She noted the application was not being dismissed on a whim, as it had been discussed several times by both the Business, Development, and Marketing and Planning and Development committees.

“We’re open and willing to work with the developer to see if there would be another area that we could find some property to put this development on, because it’s a great concept, it’s just not conducive to that area,” she concluded.

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