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Water in North Arm River to be analyzed

By Mark Squibb/January 27, 2022

Holyrood council has voted to ask the Gas Tax Authority if it can use $23,000 of its funding to conduct a water sampling analysis on North Arm River.

The decision comes at the recommendation of SNC-Lavalin following its 2021 North Arm River Water Supply Investigation.

“This water sampling will allow the Town to address a safe reliable water source by providing the necessary analysis required to fully complete the water improvements on the Salmonier Line,” said councilor Laura Crawley. “Reliable, safe drinking water is an important service for our residents. Insight into a long-term water supply is a necessity and continual improvements to Town infrastructure will ensure Holyrood’s growth potential will be maximized.”

Council also voted to accept cost-shared funding as outlined in the Department of Transportation and Infrastructure project approval letter dated December 6, 2021, for the Salmonier Line Emergency Water Supply. The total cost for the project is $1.06 million, of which the town will pay $96,431.

This project will extend the waterline along the Salmonier from the existing service at 117 Salmonier Line to the South End of the bridge over one segment of North Arm River.

“This project is Phase 1 of a three phased project to increase water supply availability,” said Crawley. “This extension of the existing watermain 800 metres along the Salmonier Line will bring services near the location of the planned North Arm water supply source and will strengthen the reality of accessing that water supply. Phase 2, which has already been submitted to government, will include completion of the environmental registration of the watershed and ready the area for an eventual design/build water treatment facility which will be Phase 3 of this whole process to ensure safe drinking water for Holyrood residents.”

Mayor Gary Goobie noted that Phase 2, which the town has already applied for, is valued at around $860,000.

“It’s going to take some time before we get to the third stage, but anyway, we’re moving forward, and the first one has been approved, and the second phase, we’ve got the application gone in, awaiting approval,” said Goobie. “So, we’ve got our homework done on this, and hopefully we’ll get a response on phase two in the not too distant future.”

The motion passed unanimously.

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