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CBS development report a Blast from the past

By Craig Westcott/September 16, 2022

For a minute at CBS council last week, it looked like the development report was a holdover from a past era.

That’s because council approved a permit for the construction of a new house on a lot with a well and septic system, instead of town services.

The approval for the private well and septic at 27 McCutcheons Road is conditional on Service NL also signing off on the construction, development committee chairman Rex Hillier noted. The road is located near the bottom end of the Foxtrap Access Road.

“Your Worship, this is not something that we often see at this point in time, an application for well and septic,” councillor Hillier admitted. “But McCutcheon’s Road is (only) partially completed with water and sewer and we don’t see that completion for some years down the road. So, this person wants to get on with developing their lot.”

The motion to allow the development was approved unanimously.

In other development news, council has agreed to rezone land at 512 Conception Bay Highway in Foxtrap to allow for the development of a storage unit business. 

The proponent had to seek the rezoning because while the land along Route 60 was zoned commercial, the back part of his property fell into a residential zone. The Town appointed a commissioner and held public hearings on the application before agreeing to rezone the back part of the land.

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