St. Thomas Line infill lots edge closer to approval

By Chris Lewis/September 9, 2021

A subdivision proposed along St. Thomas Line in Paradise met some questioning at council on Tuesday night.

The application involves the division of 118-122 St. Thomas Line in order to create six new residential lots.

Councillor Sterling Willis said the Town’s planning and development committee reviewed the application back in August and ultimately recommended that council provide an approval in principle, subject to some conditions.

Councillor Deborah Quilty noted a similar application had actually been presented back on April 7 of this year, which was met with a recommendation of refusal from the planning department.

The original application from April was only for 118 St. Thomas Line, Quilty pointed out, asking what has changed to allow for the proposed development since then.

The Town’s Chief Administrative Officer, Lisa Niblock, explained the property at 118 did not have sufficient space to meet the development regulations.

“So, for one infill lot (as per the April application) it would not meet development regulations, but when (the whole lot) was subdivided it could be done,” Niblock said.

However, Quilty pointed out that after reviewing the drawings for the proposed development, a portion of some of the lots extended beyond the area and were intruding on the conservation land around it.

Alton Glenn, Director of the Town’s Planning Department, said the illustration being viewed was not entirely accurate, as the area that had been approved for the development is actually north of the original location, further down on the property.

A part of the Town’s requirements, Niblock added, is that the developer submit plans that show all the engineering and grading work will not be done on any conservation area.

Deputy Mayor Elizabeth Laurie also highlighted the fact that despite all of this, the recommendation put forward Tuesday night was just an approval in principle, and still needs to go through the Town’s planning committee for final approval.

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