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Colliers administrator deemed a ‘Principal of distinction’

By Mark Squibb | Mar. 11, 2021

Immaculate Conception Primary head Todd Crane has been recognised as a distinguished principal of 2020 by the School Administrators Council, a special interest council of the Newfoundland and Labrador Teachers’ Association.

“No doubt, I’m flattered when people that you work with recognise that you’re doing good for your school community and your students,” said Crane, who has been a principal at the Colliers school for the last decade. “When you have people on staff, and past staff, and people who you’ve been invovled with on executive committees, recognise the work you put into it and the time you put into it, I think that’s flattering.  It’s kind of a pat on the back.

“I think that for me, it’s not about winning the award, per say. It’s just being recognised, knowing that someone out there sees what your doing and thinks it’s worthwhile.”

Crane, along with co-winner Heather Hanlon of St. Catherine’s Academy in St. Catherine’s, was informed of his winning the award this past spring, but the presentation was delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic and held virtually late in 2020. The award takes into account a nominee’s efficient administration, including implementation of initiatives, as well as work done outside the school including volunteer work and community involvement.

“I’m a person to put the students interests first, and having expectations for your students, and for teachers,” said Crane. “When something new comes on stream, I want to be the first one to jump on board and take off with it. I think that’s just a part of my personality.”

He’s also active is seeking out grants, including $15,000 from the Department of Business and Innovation for iPads’ and Apple TVs some years back.

“I always like to see teachers being up to date with new things coming on stream and new initiatives coming into our schools,” he said.

Meanwhile, things have come full circle for Crane; this year, he’s a member of the provincial executive and is the one overseeing the 2021 awards.

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