COVID-19 dollars will help fund Paradise T’Railway

By Mark Squibb | Feb. 4, 2021

Those who use the T’ralway in Paradise will be glad to hear that some stimulus funding will be put towards upgrades to the network, which began back in October of 2020.

The Town of Paradise applied for funding through the provincial COVID-19 Stimulus Program (CSP).

Approved projects will be based on 90/10 cost shared ratio with a maximum application approval of $150,000.

The Town applied for money to help offset the ongoing construction cost of the T’railway. The current cost of the project is $661,922, not including HST. The Town was awarded $135,000 through the CSP.

“Therefore, based on a 90/10 cost share, this results in the town having to contribute $15,000,” said councillor Patrick Martin.

Council voted unanimously to accept the funding.

“This is a good news story, because it’s less money that we have to spend on the T’railway using our own tax dollars, so it’s great that the staff were working hard as usual and came up with a bit of extra savings for the town,” said Martin.

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