Holyrood to go it alone on fire training facility

By Craig Westcott
October 6, 2023 Edition

Holyrood’s hopes of having its neighbours jointly lobby government for money to build a regional fire training centre for Conception Bay Centre have failed to ignite, but the Town will press on with its own efforts anyway.

“We did send letters out to the four communities up our way – Harbour Main, Conception Harbour, Avondale and Colliers,” public safety committee chairperson Bruce King reported to his colleagues council last month. “We did get a response back from them with regards to looking for a letter of support to build a fire training centre. They’re going to do their own. They are collaborating amongst themselves; they’re going to build their own firefighting training facility and we wish them nothing but the best and hope that they’ll be successful.”

King said Holyrood has also “reached out” to CBS and has already received letters of support from the residents committee at Deer Park/Vinland Road and from Nalcor, which has a plant at Soldier’s Pond that is covered by the Holyrood department. “Hopefully we’ll get a positive response as well from CBS,” King said.

In related news, King said Holyrood has received a request from residents of Brigus Junction for fire protection. 

“I’m going to leave it at that because we’re not going to make any commitments until we get a chance to discuss it as a group and then make a decision from there,” he said.

Though officially still regarded as cabin country, Brigus Junction has hundreds of cabins and homes, many of which are occupied year-round.

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