500 tonnes of asphalt enroute for Paradise

By Mark Squibb

You should maybe say your good-byes to the potholes you’ve been swearing to avoid in Paradise the last few months (or maybe you’ve forgotten to swerve and hit a few) because the Town just purchased 500 tonnes of hot asphalt mix to fill those pits.

“Each year the Public Works Department purchases hot mix asphalt for our paving contractor to carry out repairs to streets and driveways,” said councillor Patrick Martin during last week’s public meeting. “The Town recently invited tenders for the supply of hot asphalt mix for 2023 season. The tender is based on supply of a minimum of 500 tonnes.”

Four local companies submitted qualifying bids by the tender close: Weir’s Construction Ltd., ($71,300 at $142 per tonne), Farrell’s Excavating ($142,600 at $285 per tonne), Modern Paving Ltd., ($100,625 at $201 per tonne) and Municipal Construction at $79,281 ($158 pet tonne).

The committee recommended approval of Weir’s Construction, the lowest bidder.

Martin noted that in 2022, council paid $124 per tonne for asphalt, meaning that the cost this year had an increase of 14.2 percentage points. He moved that council accept Weir’s bid, and Deputy Mayor Kim Street seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously.

Mayor Dave Bobbett allowed that 500 tonnes was a lot of asphalt, but added Paradise has a lot of streets.

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