Paradise to contract out snow clearing “as needed”

By Mark Squibb \ May 12, 2023

Paradise council has hired an outside contractor to clear the Town’s fire hydrants and bus stops at a cost of $28,750 per snowfall, but only if staff are unable to complete the work in-house.

“The Public Works department recently tendered for snow clearing of fire hydrants and Metro Bus stops for the 2023-2024 season,” said councillor Patrick Martin during last week’s public meeting. “At the tender closing there were five local companies expressing interest in this tender.”

Of those five companies, the Public Works committee recommended council award the contract to the lowest bidder, Murphy’s Services Inc., at $28,750.

Other bids included Chris Squires Enterprises Inc., at $29,497, Clarke’s Trucking and Excavating Ltd., at $42,180, Eric Taylor Ltd., at $56,732, and Farrell’s Excavating Ltd., at ($215,337).

All prices are inclusive of HST.
“The previous low bid in 2021-2022 was $26,550, HST included, which equals an eight percent increase,” noted Martin.

He explained the service would be used “as needed” to supplement the Town’s efforts if its own workforce is unable to clear the areas “using its own resources in an acceptable time frame.”

The company may also be called in during severe storms or if Town equipment malfunctions— or they may not be called in at all.

“In the last snow season, we didn’t have to use this service at all,” said Martin. “We did all the services in-house by our own staff.”

Councillor Glen Carew asked for further clarification on whether the price was “per snowfall” and whether the service would only be availed of if Town staff are unable to get the work done in-house.

Martin confirmed both of those points.

The motion passed unanimously.

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