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Draft fire rescue policy to be shared with members of Bay Roberts department

By Craig Westcott/January 6, 2023

Bay Roberts council has tabled the draft of a new Fire Rescue Policy for discussion at next week’s public council meeting.

Council received the document in December but was advised by chief administrative officer Nigel Black that more time was needed to evaluate it. 

The draft was prepared by the Town’s director of Protective Services, Justin Parsons.

Black explained the new policy will replace some of the policy and documents the Fire Department has been using to guide its operations, including its constitution.

Delaying the discussion of the new policy until January, Black advised, would give councillors time to review it and prepare any suggestions or proposed amendments for the next meeting.

“I feel too that we need to get a copy of this in the hands of the department so that the members and officers can have some input,” said councillor Silas Badcock, who also requested a paper copy of the document, which is easier to read and make notes on than a digital version.

“It has been given to the officers,” Black said.

“It was given to the officers in September,” agreed councillor Dean Franey, who is a member of the fire department. “But it was not the most recent draft. This is not what people saw back in September. They should probably get an updated copy.”

Councillor Perry Bowering agreed with Badcock that the full body of the department should be given copies of the draft.

“Now that it’s a draft document I don’t think there’s any harm with the whole group seeing it,” Black allowed.

Mayor Walter Yetman pointed out the draft policy originated with council, which had recognized some time ago that a number of issues needed to be dealt with and had asked for recommendations. 

“And here we have a document,” said the mayor. “So, we did move ahead on this and credit to everybody who got this ready at the department for council.”

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