Quickie meeting gets things moving on Carbonear projects

By Mark Squibb/September 9, 2022

The Town of Carbonear held a short, but productive, special meeting of council last week.

The first item on the agenda was the recommendation to award the prime consultant agreement for 2022 road paving to Harbourside Transportation Consultants, valued at $84,887, including HST.

Two bidders had responded to the Town’s request for proposals. Mayor Frank Butt asked if two bidders were a common number for a project such as this.

Director of Operations and Public Works Brian O’Grady said the number of bidders vary by project. For example, when the Town put phase four of Valley Road to tender, it received 10 bidders.

“But that was a much bigger project,” said O’Grady.

Roads to be completed under the project include Saddle Hill (300 meters), South Side Lower Road (240 metres), Chapel Street (115 metres), Baker’s Lane (30 metres), and Capt. Seth Osmond’s Lane (70 metres.) The work is expected to be undertaken this fall.

Next up, was a recommendation to proceed with tender call for Powell Drive Phase 2.

The motion was that as the engineering consultant has proposed to lead the public consultation session on September 6, and then call for tenders on September 13, the Town would authorize the consultant to call for tenders pending no unresolved concerns stemming form the public consultations.

“We had previously awarded that one to Harbourside Consultants, and they’re planning on doing the public consultation next week and following that up with the tender call in hopes of getting the project completed during the fall,” explained O’Grady.

Finally, council voted on two matters related to the installation of the new scoreboard at the softball field.

The first motion was that the Town contract EC Boone Ltd., for the supply and fabrication of steel posts, base plates, anchor bolts and template, and engineer stamp drawings, and install the score clock and existing base as per the quote provided, which was $13,706, plus HST.

The next motion was that the Town contract Oliver Controls and Electric Inc., for the installation of scoreboard circuits on the softball field at a price of $3,650 plus HST.

Director of Recreation Rob Button explained that the scoreboards were ordered late last year and delivered this spring.

The Town had earmarked $10,000 for the scoreboard in the Recreation budget. Including the two motions approved during the meeting, the total costs of the scoreboard and associated costs landed at $24,285. The Town will draw $14,285 from the $30,000 playground equipment budget (which the town has yet to use this year) to cover the extra costs, leaving $15,715 in that kitty.

Councillors Malcolm Snow and Danielle Doyle were not present at the meeting, which took place at 3:30 Tuesday afternoon and lasted about ten minutes.

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