Seymour says residents on non-serviced town roads deserve services

By Mark Squibb/March 10, 2022

An Earles Road resident’s request for snow removal and garbage collection is indicative of a much bigger problem, say’s Bay Roberts Deputy Mayor Geoff Seymour.

“This is much bigger than just this road, and it’s been brought up in the past,” said Seymour. “At this point, we’re locked into a policy that really is not serving residents the way it should… The policy, as it’s stated right now, does not allow the town to provide services, and I guess that’s the response this resident is going to get.”

Seymour pointed out that council discussed compiling a list of non-conforming roads six to eight months ago.

“I don’t want to be here another six to eight months waiting for that list, because there are issues with this,” said Seymour. “This resident here, and there’s lots of people in town who are in the same situation, this person didn’t build this house. That street was developed at the permission of the town, we gave the permits, but this person chose to buy a house there, live in this town, pay taxes. It’s not their fault. They’re paying the full load, and they’re not getting services.”

Seymour said residents such as this who purchase homes on non-serviced roads often have no reason to suspect the road is not serviced.

“We have pickups going around town picking up garbage, and a pickup could easily go up that street and pick up garbage,” said Seymour. “Conforming road or not. So, it speaks to a bigger issue. That list is a must if we’re going to look at that policy.”

Yetman said that until the list is compiled, and the policy updated, the current policy will have to stand.

Seymour said he didn’t disagree, but he will be bringing the issue forward again at the next meeting.

Yetman added a big part of the problem is that people aren’t told upfront that a home they are looking to purchase is on a non-serviced road, which should be disclosed upfront.

Councilor Dean Franey added that as time goes on, more homes built on non-conforming roads will be sold — possibly to folks who do not realize their new home is not fully serviced.

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