Fewer airline points being collected by CBS councillors

The Shoreline | Vol. 31 No. 46 (January 30 2019)

There’s no freeze on travel as such, but members of Conception Bay South council appear be doing a lot less of it compared to some previous councils.

When Deputy Mayor Richard Murphy had council’s travel report tabled at council’s January 15 meeting, only two claims were on the register for the period June to December 2018. Both claims, for Ward 3 councillor Gerard Tilley and Mayor Terry French, related to the Municipalities Newfoundland and Labrador Symposium held in Gander for four days last October.

Tilley’s claim amount to $1,344, while French’s was just short of $20 more at $1,363.80.

“Mayor French must have had an extra breakfast,” Murphy joked.

Both claims included the $475 per person registration fee that MNL charges delegates to its convention.

In related news, council also approved its annual member fees in MNL as well as in the Professional Municipal Administrators Association, which is affiliated to it, and to the Federation of Canadian Municipalities. The MNL and Professional Administrators Fee amounts to $18,491 this year, while the fee to the FCM costs $6,627. In both cases, the size of a municipality’s fee is based on its population.

Prior to the latest travel report, councillors incurred a total of $4,661 for travel in the period from January to June 2018. That included claims of $1,713 and $1,703 from councillor Christine Hand and Mayor French, respectively, for travel to Toronto to meet with representatives of Sportsnet to organize the town’s hosting of a nationally-televised curling tournament at CBS Arena in December. Councillor Cheryl Davis also filed a claim of $1,243 for travel to an MNL symposium in Gander in May. That amount included the delegate’s fee of $275.

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