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Roncalli student named recipient of $50,000 scholarship

Ayeesha Mekawy of Holyrood has been awarded a Lester B. Pearson Scholarship valued at $50,000. Submitted photo

By Mark Squibb

Roncalli Central High student Ayeesha Mekawy has been named a recipient of the Lester B. Pearson Scholarship valued at $50,000.

“I was definitely shocked when I first found out,” said Mekawy. “I told my mom and dad right away, and I remember the utter excitement my whole entire family had. My older brother, Amir, was one of the most excited. I remember tears, a lot of tears.”

The scholarship will cover the cost of attending two-years of pre-university studies at Pearson College, a United World College (UWC) in Victoria, British Columbia, beginning in August.

“I have always wanted to go out and challenge myself, and when I saw this opportunity I immediately jumped for it,” said Mekawy. “I strive to be better, and I always strive to improve myself.”

Mekawy, who calls Holyrood home, is a member of the Shallaway Youth Choir, has volunteered with a number of groups at her school, and also works at the local Tim Hortons.

She recommends other students put their names forward for scholarships, whatever the outcome might be.

“Taking the first step is the hardest,” said Mekawy. “Even if you aren’t accepted you gain so much experience. Put yourself out there and allow yourself to fail. It’s okay if you don’t get in, it’s okay if it goes wrong.”

Mekawy completed Grade 11 this year, and will complete her high school studies, along with a gap year, in British Columbia. She will then be presented with an International Baccalaureate Diploma.

Following that, she plans to attend Memorial University to study psychiatry.

The United World Colleges program is an education movement encompassing 18 colleges across the globe. Pearson College is Canada’s only UWC.

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