Witless Bay dog park remains closed

By Mark Squibb \ May 18, 2023

Witless Bay’s dog park remains closed while Town staff work to improve access to it.

The dog park is located on Southside Track near the recreation complex and is accessed through private property.

The lack of proper access to the park has been on the Town’s radar for some time.

Back in August 2022, council toyed with the idea of moving the dog park to another area of town to allow proper access pending a feasibility study.

Mayor Trevor Croft, when asked this week, said council is waiting on a survey of the area to map out what land the Town does and doesn’t own.

Following that, council will either create an access point or, if feasible, continue with the plan to relocate the dog park.

But for now, the pooches of Witless Bay and surrounding towns that depend on it will have to play elsewhere.

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