Community Park bandits caught on camera

By Craig Westcott \ May 18, 2023

The culprits behind the latest spate of vandalism at Conception Bay South’s new community park in Long Pond have been caught on camera.

The park, which is set to officially open later this year, but is already open for public use, has been hit off and on with vandalism and graffiti.

This time, though, Mayor Darrin Bent is happy to report at least one of the people responsible for damaging the facility is clearly featured in the surveillance video.

“Over the past few weeks, maybe a little longer, there’s been some vandalism in different areas of the town,” Bent said Tuesday at the Town’s public council meeting. “I know a school had some vandalism, I know that some different public spaces (were vandalized) and one of them was our community park. In this most recent incident, I’m very pleased to say, we’ve captured video of the people doing the deed. And not only do we have video of them, we actually are able to get photos of at least one of the individuals, identifiable photos.”

Bent said the material has been turned over to the police.

“And the Royal Newfoundland Constabulary is seeking out the culprits,” said the mayor. “And I can tell you on behalf of taxpaying residents who have to pay for the installation and the upkeep and the fixing of the vandalism, that I hope that they are successful in finding the people that do this damage and bring them to some sort of justice.”

Bent added he hopes that is done quickly and that this example cuts down on some of the vandalism happening in CBS.

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