On Haliburton Street, you can be in two places at once

By Craig Westcott \ April 21, 2023

The towns of Conception Bay South and Paradise are hoping to soon put an end to a couple of boundary entanglements in the Topsail and Chamberlains area.

On Tuesday, CBS council gave its blessing, contingent on Paradise council doing the same, for the calling of a Request for Proposals from qualified consultants to undertake a feasibility study to adjust the boundary on Haliburton Street and Thompston Avenue.

“We’ve got two areas there, one is in Paradise on Vinland Road, where the parts of the backyards of residents are actually in Conception Bay South,” said councillor-at-large Rex Hillier, who chairs his town’s planning and development committee. “And the other area abuts Haliburton Street where a future development – I believe there are eight or nine lots – where most of the properties are in Conception Bay South, but the backs of eight or nine lots are in Paradise. So, what we’re trying to do is straighten up that line. It’s a process we’ve been working through since last Fall sometime and we’re now in a position to call for a Request for Proposals for a feasibility study for that project.”

Mayor Darrin Bent said hopefully the towns can get it worked out soon. “I’d hate to see anybody paying taxes in two communities for the same property,” he said.

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