Carbonear council approves $81,000 in change orders

By Mark Squibb/April 6, 2023

Carbonear council approved two hefty change orders to Phase 2 of the Water Street water, sewer, and street upgrades project during last week’s public meeting.

Councillor Ray Noel brought forward the two motions at the recommendation of the Public Works committee.

“Whereas Harris and Associates is currently contracted for consulting services on the Water Street Phase 2 project, and whereas civil engineering fees are required to provide services for street lighting, be it resolved to approve change order number four in the amount of $31,950, plus HST, to Harris and Associates,” moved Noel.

The second change order of the night, the fifth overall for the project, was similarly worded, only for landscaping services rather than street lighting. That change order amounted to $49,090, plus HST.

Both change orders were approved unanimously without further discussion.

Council awarded the actual construction contract for Phase 2 to Black Diamond Construction at a price tag of $1.3 million during a public meeting held on February 15.

The vote was unanimous and proceeded without further discussion.

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