Paradise backs Paralympian and famous Lemonade Stand

Paradise council approved two donation requests during last week’s public meeting, one for a reduction to the ice rates for Para Hockey athlete Liam Hickey and another for a rental rate reduction for Nevaeh’s Angel Foundation as it plans to host Nevaeh’s Lemonade Stand in the town this summer.

“Liam Hickey is requesting a donation of ice time from the town to help offset the cost of his paralympic training,” said Elizabeth Laurie. “And your Worship as we all know, the Paradise Double Ice Complex is the best facility in the province for paralympic athletes because of it’s accessibility.”

Laurie said the cost to paralympic athletes to train is extremely high because the financial burden is typically shouldered by only one or two athletes, and noted Hickey’s request was for non-prime, last minute ice time that would be otherwise unrented, including early mornings and workday afternoons.

“The Town has provided support to paralympic athletes in the past in the form of ice time donations,” said Laurie. “The donation is valued at $8,840 over the course of the full year.”

Council unanimously voted to provide Hickey a donation of one hour of ice time per week as he trains for the national Para Hockey team and prepares for the 2026 Winter Paralympic Games.

“I think its great that we’re able to support the Paralympics and that we have a facility that’s able to do so,” said councillor Patrick Martin, who applauded councils of the past that were instrumental in planning the arena to accommodate disabled athletes.

Next up, Laurie noted that Nevaeh’s Angel Foundation had asked to partner with the Town to host the annual Nevaeh’s Lemonade Stand in Rink B on Saturday, June 17.

“They have chosen the arena as the weather is, of course, unpredictable, and they want to ensure that the event will go ahead without delays,” said Laurie. “This annual event has become a hugely popular, family-oriented event which raises money for families with children who have had pediatric cancer in Newfoundland and Labrador. Past events have drawn attendances of up to six to eight thousand visitors through the day, and the foundation would like to host the largest lemonade stand, to date, in our Paradise Double Ice Complex.”

Organizers expect to host seven to 10 food vendors, 10 to 15 live musical acts, and up to 30 booths. Over 50 volunteers will be needed on site throughout the day.

The foundation was seeking a reduction in the rental rate for the event.

The typical rental cost for Rink B, said Laurie, is $3,300, and the Recreation and Community Services Committee had recommended a discount of $1,650, plus free access to the rink the day prior for set up, as well as pipe and drape decorations at no extra costs.

Council unanimously approved the motion.

Nevaeh Denine organized the first ever Nevaeh’s Lemonade Stand back in 2014, when she was then a four-year-old girl battling cancer. Since her passing in 2018, Nevaeh’s Angel Foundation has carried on her good works.

By Mark Squibb/March 3, 2023

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