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Goobie says major development in works for Holyrood

By Craig Westcott/January 6, 2023

Holyrood Mayor Gary Goobie is hinting yet again of a major new commercial development that may be coming to his town, but he is giving no details.

Goobie told his colleagues the matter was discussed at a recent meeting of council’s business development and marketing committee, which includes himself, Deputy Mayor Michelle Woodword and the Town’s director of business development, Marjorie Gibbons.

“There were several items that we did discuss,” Goobie said. “You all have them in your minutes. Some are new, others are ongoing. But we do have one there in particular that is a very impressive proposal for business development, but I’m not privy to discuss this any further, because we are still working with the proponent and there’s a lot of things to work out yet. So, it would be premature to go putting out information, and of course respecting privacy reasons with the developer as well. But I’m sure and confident that that will come in due course, and it is a very impressive development to say the least.”

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