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Paradise uses up 2022 traffic calming budget before time runs out

By Mark Squibb/November 9, 2022

Paradise council has approved the purchase of several new traffic calming devices.

Councillor Deborah Quilty noted that Budget 2022 included $50,000 for traffic calming measures, of which about $30,000 remains.

“Staff have obtained quotes from various suppliers for a variety of traffic calming infrastructure,” said Quilty, who proceeded to read a list of potential purchases, including concrete curbs ($10,350), speed cushions, ($16,040), flexible bollards ($2,150) and ped-zone signs ($1,430).

“The Town receives requests from residents to implement traffic calming measures throughout the community, and purchase of these items will allow staff to install various traffic calming initiatives throughout the community, as warranted through the collection and analysis of traffic data,” said Quilty.

The total costs of the new materials came in at about $29,980.

“It’s a great initiative,” said councillor Patrick Martin. “I’m glad that we’re actually supporting some more traffic calming for the community.”

In particular, Martin applauded the speed cushions and ped-zone signs, which are essentially signs positioned along the road displaying the speed limit.

Councillor Glen Carew asked whether any of the new purchases would be used for pending projects, or if the committee was exhausting the budget so as to have the items on hand for future use.

Quilty said that as of yet, there were no designated placements for the materials.

Councillor Larry Vaters took a moment to admonish speeders in the town.

“Over the years, the Town has made significant investments in traffic calming, including radars, traffic counters, speed bumps, or speed cushions, traffic calming infrastructure in school zones, and so on,” said Vaters. “You worship, we’ll do whatever we can with the resources we have, but I cannot stress enough the importance of everyone obeying the posted speed limits and driving safely on our streets. Speeding is dangerous.”

Deputy Mayor Kimberley Street concurred with Martin.

“I think this is a great thing to do with the budgeted amount left over,” said Street. “I think that traffic calming is a top concern for residents in our town, and I’m looking forward to getting this equipment and getting it placed.”

Mayor Dan Bobbett also gave his verbal stamp of approval to the purchases, and council proceeded to unanimously approve the motion.

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