Bay Roberts considering new crosswalk for busy intersection

By Mark Squibb/August 12, 2022

Members of Bay Roberts council agree a new cross walk along the L.T. Stick Drive and Route 70 intersection would be a wonderful feature, but may be a costly affair.

The Town had a request from a resident for a crosswalk on Conception Bay Highway at what Mayor Walter Yetman dubbed the Morrow and Morrow traffic lights (a reference to the nearby law firm).

“This is, I think, a valid request and I’m concerned that there is no dedicated crosswalk at this set of lights,” said Yetman. “I’d love to see more walking-friendly features in this town, especially in the area of the main road. So, to further that, we are putting in a new set of traffic lights at Sawdust Road with a designated crosswalk, which will certainly help with traffic flow.”

Councilor Silas Badcock voted to task the Planning and Development department with looking into the matter, which council was agreeable to.

Councillor Perry Bowering asked whether the Town would have to check with the provincial government (the rightful owners of Route 70) as to whether the traffic lights could actually accommodate a crosswalk.

Town CAO Nigel Black said he suspected the lights may need to be upgraded in order to accommodate a crosswalk. This was followed by a brief discussion on whether the town or provincial government is responsible for maintaining the lights, with council landing on the latter (although it agreed the Town maintains other traffic lights in Bay Roberts).

Council agreed the upgrades would likely be costly.

The motion to send the request to Planning and Public Works was unanimous.

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