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Holyrood’s Buckle smacking his lips over ‘Ribfest’

By Patrick Newhook/May 12, 2022

With summer around the corner and Come Home Year starting soon, The Town of Holyrood is looking at a new event to celebrate – an international rib fest.

Buckle raised the idea at last week’s public council meeting.

“Rib Fest is very big across the country, and you probably see it, or some people may have seen it before or heard about it,” said Buckle.

He added the Rib Fest organizers will partner with the Children’s Wish Foundation for an event that would take place on the Holyrood festival grounds from August 5-7.  

According to Buckle, Rib Festivals are popular throughout the country and having one in Holyrood could draw visitors.

The Town’s director of recreation, Steve Martin, said the Town is also planning on making Rib Fest an annual celebration like Squid Fest.

“We’re hoping we can get as many people out to this event, as many people as possible,” added Buckle. “This is a great one – we’re in partnership with Children’s Wish. I think it’s a great partnership and I think hopefully the weather will cooperate and I think this will go over really well.”

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