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Country Path to get 10-unit building

By Mark Squibb/May 12, 2022

Conception Bay South council approved three fence applications at last week’s meeting, which is interesting because fence applications typically don’t make it to the council chambers.

Planning and Development Committee chairman Rex Hillier said council does not usually vote on ‘run of the mill fence applications,’ but that these were being given special consideration.

“The reason why we see these is because of the location of them,” said Rex Hillier. “They’re along the front boundary of the property or they’re along the side boundary of the property, which goes against our regulations.”

Regardless, council approved all three fence applications, one on Swansea Street, one on Chaytor’s Place, and one on Forest Road. The Swansea Road and Chaytor’s Place fences were approved on the condition that portions of the fences forward of the building line not exceed 1.2 metres.

The town also voted to repair and replace a front yard fence at 5 Parmiters Lane on the condition that the property owner agree that no liability will attach to the Town for damages to the fence as a result of the Town’s road and winter maintenance operations and that the repaired and replaced fencing be no higher than the existing fence.

Council also approved an application for a hobby farm at 27 Dawes Place consisting of 10 laying hens, although the conditions made it clear it that a rooster was not welcome. The approval of the hens was also conditional on submission of an acceptable manure management plan and that the property owner register the activity with the Provincial Farm Premises ID program.

The biggest single development item approved was a 10-unit row dwelling at 29-37 Country Path Road.

Council also voted to refer an application to re-zone a portion of 512 Conception Bay Highway, a small plot of land near Delaney’s Lane across from Peachytown Road, to the Department of Municipal Affairs for determination of any provincial interests.

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