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Two new businesses for Central Street

By Craig Westcott/April 28, 2022

The Town of Bay Roberts has given conditional approval to two very different new businesses proposing to operate from the same building at 43 Central Street.

The first permit is for the renovation of the building so that it can be used to store paints for eventual shipment to the mainland for recycling. The second application is for an e-bike rental shop.

“This building was always zoned as commercial … but right now I’m assuming the zoning says residential,” said Mayor Walter Yetman. “The owner has assured us there will be no mixing of chemicals or paints on site.”

Yetman said the operator intends to gather leftover paints from various job sites and to purchase recycled paints. Council’s approval is conditional upon Service NL reviewing and approving the renovation, as well as a fire and life safety inspection that meets with the Town’s approval.

Councillor Perry Bowering suggested a further condition be added, that the operator not be allowed to store the paints outside the building.

However, councillor Dean Franey pointed out that other businesses in the area do have outside storage. “I’m just looking for equitable treatment across the board,” he said.

Chief administrative officer Nigel Black said the stipulation could be worded to say there will be no outside storage of the product itself.

Put to a vote, council agreed to issue a discretionary use permit with the conditions specified.

The application for the e-bike rental shop also required the discretionary approval of council. Yetman noted that while this business intends to operate from the same building as the first paint storage company, there is a different applicant in this case.

But the application is conditional on the building being renovated, he added.

E-bikes are bicycles equipped with electric motors.

Put to a vote that application also passed unanimously.

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